Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24/7/2013: Few Links to Thought-Provoking Articles in Economics

Few reading links on economics of inequality and income growth trends links to human capital: "Is Inequality Inhibiting Growth?" by Professor Raghuram Rajan

"Starting in the early 1970’s, advanced economies found it increasingly difficult to grow. Countries like the US and the United Kingdom eventually responded by deregulating their economies.

"Greater competition and the adoption of new technologies increased the demand for, and incomes of, highly skilled, talented, and educated workers doing non-routine jobs like consulting. More routine, once well-paying, jobs done by the unskilled or the moderately educated were automated or outsourced. So income inequality emerged, not primarily because of policies favoring the rich, but because the liberalized economy favored those equipped to take advantage of it.

"The short-sighted political response to the anxieties of those falling behind was to ease their access to credit. Faced with little regulatory restraint, banks overdosed on risky loans."

Another interesting link on income inequality data 

War for Talent is covered here: "It’s the Market: The Broad-Based Rise in the Return to Top Talent" Steven N. Kaplan and Joshua Rauh

And a very provocative, and thought-provoking paper "Defending the One Percent" by N. Gregory Mankiw.

On G20 Tax Proposals: "OECD bureacrats in new diversionary plan to harm business and hike taxes" by  Daniel J. Mitchell covers the OECD proposals for dealing with tax anomalies presented to G20. 

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