Thursday, July 18, 2013

18/7/2013: One table, four entries, wealth of irony...

One cannot contain a sense of deep irony when looking at today's mid-day CDS markets snapshot from CMA:
In one table we have:

  • Euro area CDS spread from Finland (implied cumulative 5 year probability of default of 2.02% - which is asymptotically zero), Greece (implied CPD of 50.85% after two previous defaults), and Cyprus (implied CPD of 65.39% after previous default). 
  • Egypt (implied CPD of 41.22% after a coup d'etat) 
That's, as Mario Draghi put it on June 25th, "reflect[s] on the importance of a stable euro and a strong Europe" or perhaps, as he put it "the euro area is a more stable and resilient place to invest in than it was a year ago" or may be "I am confident that the project for Europe will continue to evolve towards renewed economic strength and social cohesion based on mutual trust, both within and across national borders, and above all stability". Take your pick... (link)

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