Thursday, October 31, 2013

31/10/2013: IBF data on Mortgages Approvals: September 2013

Having just covered data on Residential Property Prices here (, time to also update the data from the IBF on Irish mortgages approvals.

Excluding mortgages top-ups, lending for house purchases improved in September, with total of 1,544 new mortgages approved, up 10.4% y/y. Cumulative 3mo issuance of mortgages is now up 11.5% on previous quarter and 13.4% up y/y.

Average mortgage approved, however, stood at EUR174,302 in September, down 4.78% y/y. 3mo average mortgage approved was down 0.12% on previous quarter and down 3.69% y/y.

Year-to-date (Q1-Q3) cumulative number of mortgages approved rose 7.5% y/y while average mortgage approved by value fell 2.49%.

As the result of the above, total value of mortgages approved stood at EUR269 million in September, up 5.08% y/y. Q1-Q3 volume of mortgages approved rose 5.12% y on same period 2012.

So overall, reasonable gains, but off extremely low levels.

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