Friday, October 25, 2013

25/10/2013: WLASze Part 1: Weekend Links on Arts, Sciences and zero economics

This is the first WLASze: Weekend Links on Arts, Sciences and zero economics post of this weekend.


Beautiful series of landscape photography from around the world:
From sublimely still:

To overpoweringly dynamic:

Best bit, the above link also offers links to 2010, 2011 and 2012 competitions.

From modern photography where every detail is given its prominence in light, motion and depth, to the first photograph ever that depicted people:
Irony is - the traces of people were all erased by the length of exposure… all but two...

I recently wrote about 3D and 4D printing (see here: I even spoke about these two technologies as the signifies of the incoming change in global economic relations between core inputs of capital, labour and financial investment at a recent event… and now, art raced us all ahead of the reality:

Living material interacting with 3D printed structure to reinforce it… the boundless capacity for tech innovation meets the boundless capacity for creative narration. And loses to it…

While on the topic: see this article about the emerging future of architecture in the age of 3D printing… Will we print our homes of the future? Sure we will. Will they look like a spiders-infested cave of post-apocalyptic plastic universe that reverses Lego into a fly-like dimensionality of human existence?.. I hope not…

Spare me this 3-bed penthouse…

It might look cool in dramatic light (no - it does not) but semantically and aesthetically it is equivalent to Zaha Hadid's obsession with curvature sprawled over any space to bury any dimensional proportionality to the living space around it... sort of like the image below, only taken through the filters of design:

And think about the cleaning bills… or the cost of watches and jewellery lost in all these twigs and twists of the surfaces of the 3D-printed cob-web-building… Then there are family dinners, with kids… Yeeks!

Let's get back to the clean(er) world of science and thought… JPL imagery of Saturn: the colorized mosaic from NASA's Cassini mission shows an infrared view of the Saturn system, backlit by the sun, from July 19, 2013.

And for less dynamic imagery that is dead-cool: Saturn's satellite, the 'Death Star'(Moon) Mimas


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