Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25/10/2011: Residential property prices: September

According to CSO Residential Property Prices index, September 2007 saw the historical peak in prices for overall RPPI at 130.5. Today's data shows that the index now stands at 72.8, implying that property prices have fallen nationwide by 44.2% on average since 4 years ago. Miserable news.

Now, September RPPI for all properties has fallen 1.49% mom and 14.25% yoy, exceeding (in terms of fall) analysts expectations for 13.4% decline. 12mo MA of monthly declines now stands at 1.27% and year-to-date average monthly decline is at 1.41%.

Relative to Nama's cut-off valuation date of November 30, 2009, factoring in average LTEV uplift of 10%, Nama residential properties-linked assets portfolio is now on average 29.52% under water. Factoring 5% burden-sharing (subordinated bonds), the downside is now 26.2% which means that Nama will need a lift-up of 35% on current values to break even.

For Houses, nationwide, RPPI fell to 76 in September from 77 in August a decline of 1.3% mom and 13.93% yoy. The index is now down 42.4% on peak of 132 achieved in September 2007. Apartments sub-index is down to 53.2 in September from 54.9 in August, with mom contraction of 3.1% - the sharpest monthly decline since March. Yoy the sub-index is down 19.03% and relative to the peak of 123.9 (February 2007) the sub-index is down 57.06%.

Nama holds loads of apartments, so applying the earlier assumptions on LTEV, Nama apartments-linked sub-portfolio is under water 36.9%, implying, net of subordinated bonds, a 33.9% decline in valuations to November 2009 cut-off date. This suggests an average required uplift in apartments prices of 55.12% for break-even.

Dublin properties prices are now 51.6% off their peak, with sub-index for Dublin declining to 65.1 in September from 66.5 in August - a drop of 2.11% mom and 15.56% yoy.

Annual forecasts, updated to include September figures, are below

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roundeyefathead said...

"Nama will need a lift-up of 35% on current values to break even"

What are the chances of that? Gay Mitchell is more likely to be President, Michael D. is as likely, to be 30 yrs. old, and Dana's tyre manufacturers are equally as likely to have a contract out on her life.

Strange things happen, one supposes - though it might take a confluence of 50 paranormal events to occur simultaneously, for Nama to be justified.

We will forever remember its promoters utter "its the only game in town"- as if thats a justification. We should have consulted the Family Pet, for confirmation.