Monday, October 3, 2011

03/10/2011: Eurocoin September 2011: continued weakness in euro area growth

Euro area leading indicator for growth, eurocoin, was released last week, showing dramatic decline in economic activity for September. Eurocoin has peaked in May 2011 at 0.62, having dropped persistently since then.

In September, eurocoin reading stood at 0.03, barely above the recession reading (below zero) and down from 0.22 in August.
This marks the second consecutive month that eurocoin is statistically indifferent from economic stagnation. The projected quarterly growth rate for Q3 2011 is now down to 0.08% from 0.1% estimate in August and from Q2 2011 actual reading of 0.2%. Annual rate projection based on 9 months through September averages is 1.82% and dropping rapidly from 2.5% in May to 0.12% in September.

In terms of ECB monetary policy stance,
Eurocoin-consistent policy rate is now around 2.0-2.25%, while inflation-consistent rate is now closer to 2.75%.
The divergence of the current rate from both targets and the gap between inflationary and growth targets suggests that the likely direction of the economy is toward moderate stagflation with inflation anchored around 1.8-2.5% and growth around zero.

And here are the core components of eurocoin showing significant downward trends:

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