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28/9/2013: WLASze Part 2: Weekend Links on Arts, Sciences and zero economics

This is the second part of the WLASze: Weekend Links on Arts, Sciences & zero economics.

The first part focused heavily on sciences and tech, so let's focus on art this time around.

Swedish-born photographer Maja Daniels has won the first Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize for her Mady and Monette series:

An interesting note on the state of the arts in St Petersburg:
Of course, the city is suffering from the chip-on-the-shoulder syndrome: the greatness of the last weighing heavily on the present. But aside from that, there is plenty of more current events that make for hard environment. Like censorship?.. artists’ icon banned from the web
and the episode covered here:

On a positive note, contemporary art festival Territory will be running October 1-8 in Moscow. Here's some info in Russian: And while on topic, a very interesting article on Moscow Biennale and politics of art:

More on the topic:

Here are some images from the Biennale:

Alia Syed, Panopticon Letters: Missive I (still), 2010‐2013. Single-channel HD digital video, sound, 22:46 min.

Gosia Wlodarczak, Window Shopping Frost Drawing, 2012. 18-day performance, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia.

On unrelated (to Moscow Biennale), but closely linked to the Sayed's work: superbly airy and depth-focused photography of Peter Zeglis:

All via

Street art and nature art are two concepts that impose art onto the landscape usually without any desire to be organic or 'natural'. But nature itself is a fantastic manipulator of imagery. Here's a fascinating set of photographs from Mauritius that shows an underwater seabed structure which creates an image of a waterfall… Funny thing is - if this was man-made, we'd call it Art (as if everything man-made is not subject to randomness), this being nature, we call it a natural wonder (as if nothing in nature can ever be driven by anything but chance...)

A matter of chance as a matter of design or vice versa?..

"The layering of the text renders it illegible", according to the Idris Khan's work that involves repetition of textual lines into forming a meditative exercise that is supposed to translate into a meditative experience for the observer. There is no literal meaning. The show is at Victoria Miro, London.

Art historian Erwin Panofsky thought that we invent the future out of fragments of the past. Here we invent our own reality out of fragments of artists hyper-real and potentially subconscious meditation… The above images are from 'Walldrawing 2013', an installation "featuring 120,000 lines of text, stamped directly onto the white wall of the gallery".

'Less = more'. But 'more of less = more'… Such is non-euclidian geometry of art… My students at UCD will get it… and my TCD class - be ready - you will get it too...

Good Sunday to you all!

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