Sunday, September 15, 2013

15/9/2013: BIS Quarterly: a tale of two banking systems

Two hugely revealing charts from the BIS Quarterly Review, September 2013 ( show exactly the remaining adjustments yet to be undertaken by the banking sector in Europe, compared to the US.

Here they are:

note how European banks lag US banks in assets deleveraging, and in raising capital, and are slightly lagging in terms of changes in the ratio of risk-weighted assets. In risk-weighted capital ratios, the european banks are about 1/3rd of the way shy of the US, and in terms of capital, roughly 1/2 of the adjustment to the US levels is still required.

And per operational weaknesses of the European banking system? Next we have a table:

Although different across periods, the divergences between the European and US banks are still qualitatively the same for pre-crisis and crisis periods. In particular, US banks operate at higher cost than European ones, but generate more interest income and other income.

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