Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18/9/2013: Sovereigns at a Welfare State Funeral...

In my MSc in Management class today in UCD Smurfit School of Business I discussed with the students the issues of unfunded liabilities. In particular - the distinction between contractually obligatory liabilities and politically-granted ones.

The biggest difference is in the treatment of public servants' pensions as opposed to 'statutory' old-age minimum pensions. The former are contractually defined, the latter are not. And thus, the only way future European and US governments will be able to escape insolvency of their public spending systems - once the cost of ageing hits home - will be via a default on the latter.

I spoke about the same yesterday with an Austrian journalist.

And now we have this coming out of the Netherlands:

Yes, at last, the honest Dutch blew the whistle on the Ponzi scheme that is politically-driven public financing of old age security. It. Is. A. Dream. just that... a dream. Not a contract, not a duty, not an obligation.
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