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29/08/2011: Mortgages Arrears - 2Q 2011 data

The Central Bank of Ireland today published the latest data on mortgage arrears and repossessions for 2Q 2011. Per CBofI data (note, much of the analysis is my own):
  • At the end of June 2011 there were 777,321 private residential mortgage accounts held in the Republic of Ireland to a value of €115.089 billion.
  • 55,763 accounts (7.2% of total) were in arrears for more than 90 days, up from 49,609 accounts (6.3% of total) at the end of 1Q 2011. Accounts in arrears have balances of €10.838 billion as of 2Q 2011, up on €9.599 billion a quarter before. Thus percentage of outstanding amounts that represent mortgages in arrears of 90 days and over is now 9.42% against 1Q 2011 percentage of 8.28%.
  • Percentages of loans in arrears more than 90 days have risen from 5.1% in 3Q 2010 to 5.70% in 4Q 2010 to 6.30% in 1Q 2011 and to 7.20% in 2Q 2011. Hence, the increases here are accelerating as of last quarter.
  • Percentages of loans volumes in arrears 90 days or more have risen from 6.64% in 3Q 2010 to 7.39% in 4Q 2010 to 8.28% in 1Q 2011 and to 9.42% in 2Q 2011. Again, increases here also accelerated, with 4Q2010 on 3Q2010 rising by 0.75pp, 1Q 2011 on 4Q 2010 rising by 0.89pp and 2Q 2011 on 1Q2011 rising by 1.14pp.
  • 69,837 residential mortgage accounts were categorised as restructured at the end of 2Q 2011, up from 62,936 restructured accounts at the end of 1Q 2011.
  • Of the restructured mortgages total, 39,395 are not in arrears and are "performing as per the restructured arrangement"
  • 30,442 of restructured mortgages "have arrears of varying categories (arrears both less than and greater than 90 days)"
  • Therefore, 95,158 accounts are either in arrears greater than 90 days or have been restructured and are not in arrears as at the end of June 2011.
  • Arrangements whereby at least the interest only portion of the mortgage is being met account for over half of all restructure types (52%).
Now, let me run though the figures in more aggregate detail. Take together all loans that are in arrears 90 days or more, plus repossessions and loans that are restructured, but are not in arrears. Clearly, these loans represent some indication of mortgages either at risk or defaulted. Let's call these such.
  • In 2Q 2011 a total number of 95,967 mortgages were either at risk or defaulted, up on 86,963 mortgages in 1Q 2011.
  • Between 1Q 2011 and 2Q 2011, the number of mortgages at risk or defaulted has risen by 9,004, which is a faster rate of increase than in the period between 4Q 2010 and 1Q 2011 when the rise was 6,665 mortgages.
  • In 2Q 2011, the percentage of all mortgages that were at risk or defaulted was 12.35%, up on 11.11% in 1Q 2011 and 10.21% in 4Q 2010.
  • In 2Q 2011 a total volume of mortgages at risk or defaulted was €17.493 billion, up on €15.774 billion of mortgages in 1Q 2011 and on €14.525 billion in 4Q 2010. Also, note that the rate of these mortgages increases is accelerating as well.
  • In 2Q 2011, the percentage of all mortgages value that was at risk or defaulted was 15.20%, up on 13.60% in 1Q 2011 and 12.45% in 4Q 2010.
Let me sum the above up: in 2Q 2011, the value of mortgages that were either in arrears 90days and over or were restructured and not in arrears accounted for 15.2% of the entire mortgages pool in Ireland.

Here's the summary:

Note that in the above table, the rates of risk increases are outpacing the rate of households deleveraging almost 15 times to 1.

We sooooo obviously don't have a mortgages crisis on our hands, that it all looks rather sustainable, ...if you stick your head deep into the sand bank... kinda like this...

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