Saturday, June 29, 2013

29/6/2013: Irish Residential Property Prices: May 2013

This week, CSO released Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) for May. Here's the update on trends and changes. Nama valuations update will be posted in a follow-up post.

Per CSO data, All properties RPPI rose marginally from 64.6 in April to 64.8 in May, 2013. The index is now in the range of 64.1-64.8 for four months in a row, suggesting no change to the overall flat trend at around 65.2. The flat is now running from February 2012, and we are currently below the trendline by about 0.6%.

Year on year, index is down 1.07% and in April it was down 1.22%. Over the last 3 months, All-RPPI rose 0.62% cumulatively, which reverses 1.22% loss on 3mo through April 2013. On 6mo basis, cumulative, All-RPPI is down 0.33% which is an improvement on 1.22 loss over 6 months through April 2013.

2013 is not shaping that great so far, as All-RPPI is down 1.52% since December 2012 end.

Overall, All-RPPI is down 50.34% on all-time peak and in May 2013 it was up only 1.09% on all-time low of 64.1 reached in March 2013.

Houses sub-index rose from 67.3 in April 2013 to 67.6 in May - another marginal improvement. Y/y index is down 0.88% and in April it was down 1.17%. 3mo cumulated gain through May 2013 was 0.9% and there was a 6mo cumulated loss of 2.17%. Relative to peak, the series are down 48.79% and the sub-index is 1.2% above the all-time low.

Per chart above, Apartments sub-index is again in decline, falling from 48.4 in April 2013 to 47.1 in May. Y/y sub-index is down 3.09% and previous y/y decline was 2.42%. 3mo cumulative move in May 2013 was -8.54%, while on 6mo basis, the index is up 3.06%. There is huge volatility in the index by historical standards, which suggests that the market is subject to some very concentrated volume swings in sales.

Dublin sub-index has been used before to drum up the evidence that Irish property markets are returning to life. Chart below shows a marginal positive sloping of the trend since the historic lows of H1 2012.

However, at 59.2, May reading came in only marginally better than 58.9 in April 2013. Year on year, Dublin sub-index is up 1.37 and on cumulated 3mo basis, May reading is down 0.17%. On cumulated 6mo basis, the decline is -1.33% through May. There is zero gain since the end of December 2012. 6mo average reading is now 59.2 - bang on with May 2013 reading. 12mo average is at 58.74, less than 0.8% away from the current reading. For all intent and purpose, current trend is flat at around 58.7-59.0 range. Overall, Dublin prices are down 55.99% on peak and are 3.32% up on absolute low.

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