Friday, June 7, 2013

7/6/2013: Weekend Reading Links: Part 2

In the previous post I have compiled some reading links for the weekend:

As promised, here is a follow up second post with the rest of links.

The world of clocks and daggers is, it turns out, also the world of some appreciation for the arts. As reported here: the CIA staff has finally cracked the code of the Jim Sanborn's cryptographic sculpture at the CIA’s HQs. It took 8 years and then it took another 25 years for the fact to be revealed to the public. But even more fascinatingly, one last coded section of the sculpture is yet to be deciphered…

Not exactly art or science, but Apple is a leading light in the world of design-driven approach to manufacturing. It has been brilliant, irreverent, non-standard and always expressive through out decades. It has also been a brand icon for creative industries )rows of Macs on ad agencies desks) and as such it is associated with the very iconic anti-IBM commercial that launched it

But now, Apple is the new IBM… and worse, it is anti-Apple too, for the man who did this: would have probably never been hired into Apple today: .

The next link, as I promised not to do anything 'economics'-wise, is not so much about economics of something, but rather economics as a field of inquiry. Anyhow, I find it intelligently written and actually quite good:

Two related articles on art of light:

I prefer Dan Flavin's works: here he is in his symmetric error of homage to Tatlin:

Of course, irony has it, Tatlin was asymmetric: It always puzzled me why in all of his homages to Tatlin (of which Flavin made 8) he was always symmetric in interpreting Tatlin's tower. All said, here's Flavin at his best

And finally - another reminder - I will be taking part in on Thursday 13 June, 2013, from 8.00pm – 2.30am.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned - there will be economics posts on the blog.

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