Thursday, June 20, 2013

20/6/2013: China Volcano Blowing Up at Last?

Good title to a research note, as I tell my students in MSc in Finance, does the following things:

  1. Captures attention of the reader for the right reason
  2. Conveys enough information for the reader to continue reading, but not enough to end up with a feeling that all that needs to be known is already expressed in the title
  3. 'Sells' the story without over-exaggeration
  4. Commits the story to memory.
Today's 'good title' award is for the folks from Markit, for the note titled "Perfect Storm" - a simple, run of the mill account of the day when Asian CDS markets got bashed on China's end of things:

And while on China, excellent article in the FT today on Chinese steel giant Wisco:
Read and weep... China has managed to perfectly waste a USD586 billion stimulus from 2008. That's a lot of burning of cash, if you ask me.

Here's mid-day CDS wideners by order of magnitude:

And here's yesterday's:
That's 40bps in two days. Whacking-cracking... 

On June 6th, China's CDS were at 91.61 with CPD of 7.71%. Chinatastic...

And with that China is heading for a classic sugar crunch just as the punch run out. Over the last three weeks, China's interbank loans rates jumped from about 3% to over 7%, having hit last week 9.6%.

Someone, dial Bank of Japan, quickly!

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