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15/6/2013: Weekend reading links: Part 2

The second part of my Weekend Reading links on Art and Science and No-Economics (see the first part here:

Let's start with this:
It's not a horse meets artist or vice versa, but an artist 'becomes' a horse. Literally, physiologically. Amazing stuff, although MrsG thought it is taking performance art a bit too far.

Next up - amazing show of new work by one of my favourite artists of all times: Gerhard Richter
Couple of images:

The migration of Richter's work toward more linear, form-focused, less figurative work over recent years has been in tune with what is happening around the world of abstract art today. I love it, but the 'old' Richter (second image above from 2005: is much more dynamic and still more appealing to my aged self. From that vantage point, an even more brilliant show of works by the artist is here: . Art Basel 2013 has more vintage Richters too. has some very interesting artists I knew far less about. Great example is Julie Mehretu:

Reminds me of one of my old favourites: a merger of abstraction by Cy Thombly ( and mathematical / architectural precision of Alberto Giacometti: scroll down to Encounters, Portraits and Fifty Years of Prints sections for the likes of

Wyeth cross over too… for some reason… maybe geometry or Giacometti-esque reference to line?

Lastly for the arts: cool images from the Arctic spying outpost:

On science: a quick link to the Science Gallery - brilliant place, brilliant coffee, brilliant crowd:

On a personal note: I came across this wonderful set of radio spots recorded for Mount Juliet. Followers of mine would know I was recently privileged to cast a fly (more like nymphs and wet flies) at the estate and can attest to the superb quality of water there. The spots are lovely and worth listening to:

My favourite is The Ghillie one. I did not use ghillie's services on my day on the Nore, preferring the 'risk' of reading the river on my own, but I had wonderful help and conversation with the staff member who helped me with the waders and dry room and fishing room. Superb. And superb doesn't even begin to describe the late-very-late breakfast I got on my return from 5am-noon fishing.

Loved it. And here's one of my friends from the Nore who is still happily swimming in his pool…

Update: I rarely update the Weekend Reading Links posts after they are out, but here are more interesting links, this time on science.

A convoluted title of this paper: "Action video game playing is associated with improved visual sensitivity, but not alterations in visual sensory memory" should not be a deterrent from reading its very interesting findings. Basically, games players (for electronic games that is) tend to be able to see more in the faster-paced and more complex scenes than non-gamers. However, what they see they don't remember all too well after the fact. I am not even sure they comprehend what they see any deeper either, but that a different topic all together.

Further evidence that Anglo Irish Bank was lending well beyond the constraints of our planet was found by Nasa: In brief, the Andromeda's core is about as concentrated with black holes as Dublin docklands:

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