Saturday, June 22, 2013

22/6/2013: Weekend Reading Links: Part 3 of 3

This is the third and the last post of my regular weekly feature of the Weekend Reading Links On Arts, Sciences and Zero Economics (see the first post here: and the second one here:

Just awesome, tireless in its brilliance and time-invested poignance, the encounter that took decades to shape and seconds to execute. If it were a performance, it qualifies for an Oscar :  h/t to @sherqui for reminding us about it. One question, though, how on earth could have followed Ulay to that chair?!.

Chile's Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architectshas finished Solo Pezo property - part of the Solo Houses project in Matarraña, south of Barcelona:

Solo Pezo is a concrete structure lifted to the landscape's natural ceiling of tree-tops on a monolithic square platform. Views and light are maximized. There is a deep pool in the roofless central space as a visual tension point between sky and earth. Good slidshow of images is here:

As a lecturer myself, I know that students are not only canvases for us to shape (actually, they are not that at all, but the traditional teacher-student nexus implies transmission of value to the recipient of it, hence the hierarchical implicit structure) but they are also a source of inspiration. Here's a sample - a MICA retrospective:
Brilliant works across the space. Enjoy!

Moscow Art Fair 2013 is coming up in September and, unless plans change, I will miss it this year (Irish trade mission is not being planned for that time, so I will not have an excuse to travel...) Here are some pics from 2011 show I love this one from 2008:

And more links from 2011 show 2012 show images: gotta love the irony:

And on these two humorous/sarcastic notes, have a fabulous weekend.

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