Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15/1/2014: Things are fine... things are working...

On foot of disastrous (for euro area) long range forecasts from DG ECFIN (covered here:, Morgan Stanley latest forecast for the global economy is here:

H/T Fabrizio Goria @FGoria

2012 outrun: euro area = lowest growth
2013 estimated outrun: euro area = lowest growth
2014 forecast: euro area = lowest growth
2015 forecast: euro area = lowest growth on par with Japan

Unpleasant, to put it mildly... Meanwhile, here's some bragging about the great euro area achievements... obviously not to be confused with those stated above... via ESM Press Office:

#ESM MD Klaus #Regling in hearing with EU Parliament Members, Strasbourg: lv/stream at 15:00 …
#Regling: I welcome this debate because I think transparency & discussion are essential ingredients for lively democracies
#Regling: not my role to defend troika, support overall eco. approach. €area faced existential crisis with no tools, so troika was set up
#Regling: I worked for #IMF & know well #IMF program design which was model for program of €countries under assistance
#Regling: our critics miss the point. GR, IR, POR, CY faced choice: buying time with #EFSF/#ESM program or collaps w/ adjustment overnight
#Regling: no #EFSF/#ESM program would have meant risk of leaving €area; polls show citizens of concerned countries want to stay in €area
#Regling: disagree that there is no democratic control for programs; troika advises, political decision is taken by elected governments
#Regling: In POR & IR even opposition parties at the time, which are today in government, committed to assistance programme
#Regling: decisions on #EFSF/#ESM financial assistance is for national gov/parl because risk is on national budgets
#Regling: am not minimizing the difficulties that the countries are facing, especially unemployment
#Regling: there are clear signs that our strategy is working, in Dec IRL & ES had successfully exited their programs.

Happy times... and -0.6-0.5+0.6+1.1 is just a fine, fine, fine arithmetic... cause you know... 'things are working'...

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