Friday, January 10, 2014

10/1/2014: Irish Industrial Production & Turnover: November 2013

Production for Manufacturing Industries for November 2013 in Ireland was up 13.0% on October 2013 and on an annual basis production increased by 15.9%. Turnover rose 1.2% in November 2013 when compared with October 2013 and an annual basis turnover increased by 0.7% when compared with November 2012.

These are big numbers. Which is good news. But they come with huge volatility in the series overall, so better comparative is on 3mo rolling basis. Here things are less pleasant:
- The seasonally adjusted volume of industrial production for Manufacturing Industries for the three months September 2013 to November 2013 was 0.1% higher than in the preceding quarter.
- Year on year All Industries production indices for 3 months period through November were still up robustly by 7.3%
- Turnover was 0.2% lower.

Per CSO: "The “Modern” Sector, comprising a number of high-technology and chemical sectors, showed a monthly increase in production for November 2013 of 13.4%. There was a monthly increase of 0.4% in the “Traditional” Sector."

Good news here is that y/y figures for production are up on a 3mo basis. Chemical and pharmaceuticals sector posted 21% rise. Basic metals a gain of 23.9%. But Food products fell 0.3% and Beverages fell 8.3%. Also, Computer, electronic, optical and electrical equipment production shrunk 16.2%.

Poor news came on q/q dynamics side. For September-November 2013, compared to 3 months period through August 2013, Capital goods production was down 3.6%, Intermediate goods production was up just 0.2%, Consumer goods production fell 1.0% with Durable Consumer Goods output down 30.4% and Non-durable Consumer Goods up 4.8%.

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