Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15/1/2014: Simple, but entertaining... a democratic elites 'score card'

Recently, I cam across the following highly simplified, but rather amusing graphic highlighting some differences between the US and Italy

It is, as I noted, a highly stylised and simplified sort of information. Nonetheless, it does make a valid point: why are European democracies top-heavier than other democracies?

And then I checked Ireland:

  • Population 4.589 million (2012)
  • Senators: 60 (76,483 persons per senator)
  • Dail Eireann: 166 TDs (27,645 persons per TD)
  • Ministers: 14 Ministers and 15 Ministers of State (158,241 persons per Minister)

Just for your bemusement, not for some scientific or even economic argument sake...

Note: Auto Blu references state cars and Carburante references cost of petrol per litre.

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