Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21/1/2014: Davos: Outdated Irrelevance of Banality?

If you do need to know exactly why the World Economic Forum at Davos is a vacuous undertaking, go no further than this:

The top 5 risks the #WEF survey delivers to us as a break-through insight into the future from all this 'intellectual' elite gathering in Swiss Alps this week are so... how should I put it mildly... banal? well-rehearsed? predictable? all of the above?

If we already know what Davos is just setting 'ahead' for the discussion, what on earth can be the point of following this global navel gazing ego fest?..

More to the point: Water crisis, Climate change, High unemployment, and Fiscal crises all have been at the core of Davos discussions in previous years. Apparently, the Greats of this World still can't resolve any of them. Time to fuel up that Learjet, cause pressing 'risks' are upon us...

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