Thursday, January 9, 2014

9/1/2014: New vehicles licenses in 2013

New vehicles licenses for December 2013 were published yesterday, so we can now update figures for full year 2013.

In 2013, number of all vehicles (new and used) licensed in the state rose 13.12% compared to 2012. 2012 marked the trough of the crisis period licensing and 2013 marked the best year for the Motor Trade since 2008. However, compared to peak, all vehicles licenses were still down 50.88% in 2013.

Of the above, new private cars licenses declined 6.44% y/y, although these were up 31.1% on crisis period trough. New private cars licensed in the State posted their second worst year since the onset of the crisis in 2013 and are currently down 68.3% on peak.

New goods vehicles licenses rose 1.56% in 12 months through December 2013 compared to full year 2012, potentially signalling some improvement in the business activity in the economy. These are now 9.68% above their crisis period trough, but are still down 76.1% on pre-crisis peak.

Chart to illustrate:

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