Thursday, May 2, 2013

2/4/2013: MDH: Do as I imagine... not as I say or do...

So Irish President Michael D. Higgins has called for a “radical rethink” of the “single hegemonic model”, adding that a “pluralism of approaches” is needed in Europe. He also called for a more active ECB and debt pooling in the eurozone.

wait, what's that? Another statement of plausibly sounding populism with underlying internal contradictions so deep, the whole thing makes no sense? Well, yes.

MDH wants more 'pluralism' in policies then calls for 'more active ECB debt pooling' - which of course is anti-pluralist centralisation of policy. Oh, well, if only MDH actually had an idea what he speaks about beyond the cliches of 'bad capitalism, bad, bad, bad'.

And then to add a  self-insult to his self-injury. MDH penned his name to the IBRC bill which converts promissory notes (the 'pluralist' in nature instrument of quasi-governmental debt) into government bonds (the 'centralised' in nature instrument of pure sovereign liability standardised across all countries).

Is MDH no longer a 'do as I say, not as I do' leader but a 'do as I imagine, not as I say or do' leader?

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