Friday, May 17, 2013

17/5/2013: Ireland v Iceland 2013

Ireland vs Iceland macroeconomic comparatives in 15 simple charts that DofF wouldn't want you to see...

All data is either IMF direct-sourced or based on IMF data. Click on the charts to see more detailed comments imbedded in them.

Three charts on GDP comparatives:


External trade and balance:

Unemployment and Employment:

Government Finances:

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The Dork of Cork said...

Lets not forget the birth rate in Ireland during the early to mid 1990s was much lower back then.

The class of 2013 born around 1995~ is much smaller - therefore youth unemployment is more subdued then would otherwise be the case.

What I can't understand is "respected economists" who wish to scale up the banking system beyond national borders.
It has been a failure , they recognize it has been a failure and yet they want more of the same.