Thursday, May 16, 2013

16/5/2013: There are jobs & then there are...

Off the start - there is nothing wrong with debt collection as business when it is properly delivered and regulated / supervised. And there is nothing wrong with debt collection agency growing its workforce.

But, then again, there is nothing particularly laudable about this either.

Unless, that is, you are an Irish Government Minister who cares none but for a headline grabbing opportunity.

Capita - some background on the company is given here: and - is to double its workforce in Ireland by bringing in 800 new jobs. There is no information on the split of Capita's activities in the ROI, but one can venture a guess that booming business of debt collections here will take up the bulk of the new jobs 'created'.

Irony has it - Capita's new HQs in Dublin will be at the heart of the pride of Irish economy: the Barrow Street cluster that houses top firms in law and ICT services, but also has the dubious distinction of housing Ireland's 'bad bank' Nama. Nothing like calling the 'knowledge economy neighbourhood meets debt collectors' a 'vote of confidence in the Irish economy'.

Have we lost all bearings and compases?

I, for one, can't wait for the next congratulatory flyer from FG to my home - it will undoubtedly explain how the misery of thousands of Irish homeowners facing repossessions benefits my local economy of Ringsend-Irishtown with blessed new jobs.

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