Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14/5/2013: Corporate Tax Haven Ireland Weekly Links Page

Corporate Tax Haven Ireland in the news... again:

Update: Twitter in the news: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/twitter/10056570/Twitter-CEO-resigns-as-UK-boss-after-accounting-fiasco.html
Note Irish connection.

Keep track of 'Tax Haven' view of Irish economic policies by following the links, starting here:

Update 17/5/2013:
Three more stories, both relating to Google operations in Ireland:

I find it bizarre that Minister Bruton feels anyone on earth is asking for Ireland's apology. I think the point of this debate about the role of tax havens, like Ireland, is that policymakers around the world are seeking to close the loopholes through which companies engage in aggressive tax optimisation. Minister Bruton should focus on how Ireland can deal with this threat, as well as on how Ireland can develop a business platform (low tax is an important part of this platform) that actually operates on adding value here and not on beggaring our trading partners.

Minister Bruton's point about the need to create jobs in Ireland is nonsensical in the above debate. If we create jobs here on foot of value added in the Irish economy, then there is no problem with our MNCs activities globally, because low tax regime applies only to value added created here. Our trading partners have a problem with Ireland acting as a conduit for tax minimization whereby there is zero value added created in Ireland, but instead value added created elsewhere is booked via Ireland into tax havens. These forms of tax arbitrage do not create any jobs here in Ireland and generate no tax revenue here.

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