Sunday, March 31, 2013

31/3/2013: Unique Ireland? Why not... per IMF working paper...

Here's an interesting case of Ireland's uniqueness:

Eyraud, Luc and Moreno Badia, Marialuz, "Too Small to Fail? Subnational Spending Pressures in Europe" [(February 2013). IMF Working Paper No. 13/46] paper looks at the re-distribution of spending between national and sub-national governments within the EU over time, covering the period of the crisis. Due to the size of the banking sector measures and their impact on the Government budgets in Ireland, the paper excludes Ireland from the dataset when running analysis.

In other words, we are so out of line with the rest of Europe in terms of resources we threw at the banks during the crisis, that our data is no longer meaningfully comprable to the rest of EU.

Here are two charts illustrating this 'uniqueness':

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