Sunday, March 31, 2013

31/3/2013: Are European Brahmins Cypriot crisis-free?

In an Orwelian Universe that is the EU, the rules are different for different castes... the Brahmins are, obviously, the top of the pile. Not surprisingly, amidst deposits outflows from Cyprus immediately prior to the EU sanctioned expropriations, there are strands of Cypriot Brahmins rushing out of their banks. Here's the report by Rossija 24 - Russian news agency on the topic:

 via a tweet:

Let's translate verbatim the above:

"Greek press has found compromising material on Cypriot President. According to the Greek media sources, few days before the Eurogroup decision to bail-in deposits, relatives of President Nicos Anastasiades took emergency steps to save their funds. The issue concerns the amount of EUR21 million in funds. A company, which belongs to the relatives of the President, transfered these funds from Laiki bank to London, as reported by the Rossija 24 TV channel. The Laiki Bank is currently undergoing restructuring, and haircuts on clients' funds can reach up to 80 percent."

We should note, of course, that this is just one report, albeit here is a Cypriot press report from just 30 minutes ago covering the same: and Greek reports: and and .

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Henry Barth said...

Cyprus is just one step further to the end of the Euro.