Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20/5/2014: Q1 2014 Gold Demand Report

Q1 2014 Gold demand report is out today. Highlights are:

  1. Jewellery demand grew 3% year-on-year to reach 571 tonnes, the largest Q1 volume since 2005, as consumers responded positively to lower average gold prices. Geographically, demand was wide-spread; however it was China that posted the largest volume increase, rising by 18 tonnes from Q1 2013.
  2. Shifts in the components of investment cancel out: net investment demand little changed, down 2%. Q1 investment demand of 282 tonnes was just 6 tonnes below Q1 2013. Bar and coin demand was down 39% from last year's elevated levels, while outflows from ETFs slowed to a virtual halt compared with outflows of 177 tonnes in Q1 last year.
  3. All segments of technology saw a 4% decline in the first quarter, resulting in overall demand for the sector of 99 tonnes. The fall was primarily driven by continuing substitution to cheaper alternatives as manufacturers remained under pressure to reduce costs.
  4. First quarter demand from central banks once again topped the 100 tonnes level, reaching 122 tonnes, and marked the 13th consecutive quarter of net purchases. The desire to diversify holdings in an uncertain global environment continues to underpin this source of demand.
  5. The supply of gold in Q1 2014 saw a marginal year-on-year increase of 1%. Increased mine production was offset by a fall in recycled gold coming onto the market, leading to a total supply figure of 1,048 tonnes.
  6. Total demand was down at 1,074.5 tonnes in Q1 2014 compared to 1,077.2 tonnes in Q1 2013

Summary chart:

Report is here.

Compared to 5 year averages:

  • Jewellery demand was up at 570.7 tonnes against 5 year average of 512.0 tonnes
  • Technology demand was down at 99.0 tonnes against 5 year average of 108.3 tonnes
  • Total Investment demand was down at 282.3 tonnes against 5 year average of 367.6 tonnes. Of this, Bar & Coin demand was down to 282.5 tonnes relative to 5 year average of 338.2 tonnes; ETFs and similar products demand was net -0.2 tonnes compared to 5 year average of +29.5 tonnes
  • Central Banks net purchases demand was up at 122.4 tonnes against 5 year average of 72.7 tonnes
  • Overall demand was up at 1,074.5 tonnes against 5 year average of 1,060.5 tonnes

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