Wednesday, May 14, 2014

14/5/2014: Back to Bondholders & Golf Courses Owners...

Remember this little-ol-mom-n-pop investor in Bank of Ireland subordinated bonds?

Remember how a crowd worth of Irish politicos and 'analysts' were whinging about the Irish Banks investors being the 'little old grannies' with a 'wee-bit of savings in dem'?

David Tepper made USD2.2 billion in 2012. Personally. He made USD3.5 billion more last year:

David is a cool dude. And Ireland, having made whole on his speculative 'investments' has moved on to help other elderly savers:

But never mind, Michael Noonan is buddies with Donald, who is JobBridging 'jobs' into Doonbeg.

Mr. Tepper got off cheaply, one must say - he did not get Ministerial prostrations and a 3-piece corny kitsch treatment on a shortened red carpet. But Mr. Tepper got paid full euro on 40-50 cents. Mr. Trump, alas, might have to be satisfied with slavish receptions and few very cheap interns.

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