Monday, March 11, 2013

11/3/2013: Property tax and the markets for property investment

The Irish Government is about to bring in a property tax covering only residential property and excluding land holdings. This is the market for real estate investment that the Government is about to hammer even more:

All permissions for new residential construction are down 87.6% in 2012 (based on estimated full year figure using actual data through Q3 2012) relative to peak. The levels are so low, we are at a historical low now and 2012 was down on 2011. Declines in permissions were recorded every year since 2008. For dwellings - full houses - planning permissions are down whooping 91.8% in 2012 compared to peak attained back in 2005!

Overall planning permissions are down 77.5% on peak. Again, historical series low in 2012 (based on estimate):

This is the same Government that has attempted to 'revive' the property markets via various tax breaks in 2011-2012. Talking about 'policy consistency' then...
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