Wednesday, March 26, 2014

26/3/2014: 13 months on, the Promo Notes deal stinger is still in...

Back in September 2013 I wrote in Sunday Times that ECB might want to consider accelerated disposal of the Government bonds held by the Central Bank post-restructuring of the IBRC Promissory Notes:

And now, guess what...

Per Irish Times article linked above:

"Ireland is facing pressure to offload the long-term government bonds it issued as part of last year’s promissory note deal and at a faster pace than the timetable originally outlined, amid continuing concerns from the European Central Bank about the deal.

The ECB is reviewing the controversial promissory note deal as it prepares to publish its annual report for 2013.

… A crucial aspect of the promissory note deal agreed last year after months of negotiations was the length of time the Central Bank would hold the long-term bonds that replaced the promissory notes."

I have consistently argued that promo notes restructuring represented the perfect target for debt relief for the state. One example is here: And I highlighted our 'deal's' sensitivity to earlier disposal of bonds here: (see bottom of the article for box-out).

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