Sunday, March 8, 2009

Euronews is now Purer than Before: says Heathrow Sign

Euronews - a channel co-financed by the EU Commission and that virtually never bothers to broadcast any opinion or analysis of the events that does not mirror to a letter the views of the EU Commission and the rest of the establishment is doing some re-branding (see the pic below for a truly Pravda-esque advertising, possibly also co-financed by the European citizens' hard earned taxes).
Being launched as a hard-news 're-focused' channel, its new identity is now Euronews Pure. The latest linguistic twist has been added to distinguish it from the presumably 'poluted' CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc. Given Euronews record of almost never being able to actually break news, the 'purity' must be in analytical capabilities of the channel. Alas, since Euronews never gives credit to its journalists - anonymity in journalism is the best cover of all - and since it never interviews those critical of the official EU positions, it is hard to imagine exactly how this can be the case.

Overall, my suggestion would be for the Euronews/EU Commission's Ministry of Truth to spend some money explaining why do people of Europe, who enjoy (at least for now) virtually unlimited access to global information channels need Euronews at all? They can post the result near all vital locations with captive audience: elevators, EU bureaucrats' offices, European hospitals, public restrooms and so on - in short, wherever the wait is necessary and is necessarily burdensome...

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