Sunday, December 8, 2013

8/12/2013: Exiting EFSF: Check.

So it's official - today we exited EFSF

As I said on twitter: this is a big first step for Ireland. There are many more to be taken in the future, long future... from EFSF's perspective - we are not free until 2042...

What is worth noting in the above table is the extent to which the EFSF has already managed to restructure our debts - maturities extensions mean that the earliest repayment date - previously falling on 04/02/2015 now falls on 01/08/2029. That is a massive restructuring of debt, which, taken together with other changes, explains why we were able to avoid an outright default to-date.

Another thing to note: from my personal perspective, there is a sizeable chance, I and many of my friends (for some that chance is even greater), will not be here to toast the day when Ireland finally repays (or rather rolls over) the full EFSF debt. That's a 'generation lost'... right there... touch it... give it a hug... its us.

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