Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11/12/2013: Irish Patenting Activity: November 2013

Reading Pictet's latest monthly, covering the topic of Swiss competitiveness... it is awesome - with interviews from academics, watchmakers, artists, museums directors, company that makes engines for Mars rovers, biotech giant, and so on. And it reminded me to update the data set on Irish patenting activity from NewMorningIP for November.

Here are the results:

Monthly data shows that November 2013 patenting activity in Ireland fell to its third lowest level since the records maintained by NewMorningIP started in August 2012. At 183 patents filed, November 2013 is down on 197 a year ago. So far, Q4 2013 results are running at the lowest level for all quarterly results.

It is worth noting that the data can be throwing seasonal variation. We can't tell due to short nature of series.

Not spectacular numbers at any rate. Big overseas inventions fall-off to 100 in November, the third lowest month on record. Irish inventions are down also.

On annual basis, 2013 is shaping up to post around 2,600 patents, up on 2012. All increases are due to increased overseas patents activity, with Irish patents falling. We shall see how December plays out, however.

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