Friday, June 13, 2014

13/6/2014: January-April Trade in Goods: Ireland

Some quick stats on trade in goods data out today:

First up: aggregates:

Core points:

  1. Aggregate exports are down once again in 2014: off 1.8% for the period January-April
  2. Much of this is down to pharma and organic chemicals, but declines overall were registered in 4 out of 9 categories, while four categories posted increases in exports.
  3. Trade surplus declined again, this time by 11.1%. Trade surplus dropped y/y in 6 out of 9 categories.
  4. Trade surplus dropped by a total of EUR1.357 billion, while exports declined by EUR527 million.
  5. The summary of sectoral contributions is provided below

    Geographic breakdown of changes in exports and trade surplus is provided in the table below:

    The above shows geographically wide-ranging declines in exports and trade surplus.

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