Friday, March 2, 2012

2/3/2012: Nama valuations - January 2012 update

In the previous post I looked at the latest data on residential property prices (link here). Here, let's update the Nama valuations numbers based on January 2012 property prices data.

Table below summarizes referencing of January 2012 numbers to two different dates: November 30, 2009  - the cut-off date for Nama market value assessments, and Q1 2010 - the first time Nama tried to call property market 'bottom'. So 'Loss' on nama book valuations refers to the percentage difference between the cut-off date value of properties and current value of properties according to RPPI - please note, this is an economic loss - not an actual loss to be provisioned for. Nama valuations inaccuracy index is reflection of Nama prediction - implicitly reflected in its business plans - that the property market in Ireland will bottom out in Q1 2010. Weighting to book assumes that on residential portfolio 70% of portfolio in in Apartments and 30% in houses.

Note that in the above I take account of Nama-applied Long-Term Economic Value uplift and net out the subordinated debt cushion of 5% for burden sharing (Nama loss cushion). When you think about it, we are paying six figure salaries to these boffins who are almost 30% wrong in their market predictions just 7 quarters out.

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