Friday, September 26, 2014

26/9/2014: Some recent links on tax inversions

Some interesting recent articles on tax inversions and Irish role as a tax-conduit to tax havens:

US Treasury new rules tightening tax inversions:

And Irish reaction to these: and here:

While markets broader impact here:

Here is a more detailed discussion of the net impact of the new rules, mentioning so-called 'Levin solution'

And an earlier article from Arthur Cox solicitors on the benefits of inversions into Ireland and associated restrictions: Hilariously, the above quotes: "Ireland is a popular country for inversions because of its favorable tax regime and extensive tax treaty network."

And an official response from Ireland to US tightening is 'not our problem':

You can track previous articles and posts on Ireland's role in global tax optimisation by searching this blog for "corporate tax". 

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