Friday, February 1, 2013

1/2/2013: The Innocence of Double-Irish

Irish corporate tax policies issues have now penetrated (agt last) into the RTE newsflow - link here.  Of course, the most priceless reaction is, surprise, surprise, via our Minister Noonan:

"In the Dáil in recent weeks, Finance Minister Michael Noonan said: “The problem with the so-called ‘Double Irish’ from Ireland’s point of view is that it has that name. People think that something we do here gives rise to it. That is not the case.” Mr Noonan blamed tax codes elsewhere, including the way the US government treats certain tax arrangements."

Yep, folks, that's right, Irish law allowing dodgy entities set up off-shore to be tax exempt is, apparently, not Irish problem. Serves those Americans right, then...

I'd love to see him repeat this comes St Patricks Day in Washington. Should be the joke of the dinner.

Yes, US tax codes are to be blamed. And so are the UK, German, French, etc Governments' inability to tackle what is rampant tax optimisation. But in the end, Double-Irish is Double-Irish. Not a Double-Japanese or a Tripple-Mongolian.

Note: here are some lists of recent literature on Irish corporate tax heaven.

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