Friday, September 14, 2012

14/9/2012: Another Indo 'Property Boom Cometh' Missive

An interesting article in the Indo on house prices vs debate about the property tax or site value tax - link here.

A key phrase that caught my eye is: "CSO reports show that prices increased in Dublin".

The latest CSO report we have is that covering data through July 2012, which states:

  • Dublin All Residential Properties: June prices down 1.0% m/m (down 0.3% on 3 mo before June, down 16.4% on 12 month to June 2012); July prices down 0.3% m/m (down 1.2% on 3mo before and down 16.6% on 12 mo before);
  • Dublin Houses: June down 0.8% m/m (0.2% on 3 mo ago, down 16.4% y/y) and July down 0.2% m/m (down 0.5% on 3mo ago and down 16.7% on a year ago);
  • Dublin Apartments down m/m, on 3mo and y/y in May, June and in July down 3.9% m/m, down 8.6% on 3 mo previous and down 19.6% on 12 mo ago.
So unless Indo has either discovered some new data set from CSO, or it has some CSO data on dog houses and parking spots in Dublin (all of which might have gone up in July), then what on earth are they talking about?

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