Monday, September 10, 2012

10/9/2012: Insane path of Irish 'wealth'

Another interesting chart from the IMF reports today:
Now, look at the red line - Net Wealth in Ireland, which has dropped to levels below those in Q1 2002, while housheolds' total taxes (VAT and Income taxes combined, excluding other) has ballooned from €17.96bn in 2002 to €23.54bn in 2011. So let's do a simple mental exercise: net wealth is down ca 30%, household taxes are up ca 31%... and we are supposed to:

  • Deleverage our own debt
  • Deleverage the banks-related debts of the Exchequer
What a better illustration of madness can one find? Oh, wait, I know - the Armchair Socialists' one: "Ireland is a very wealthy country and we must tax wealth to extract funds for the Government". Alas, we are rich... rich as we were more than 10 years ago. Since 2002, folks, it's not the wealth of ours that grew, but the appetite of the State for our wealth.

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