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05/12/2011: Irish Exchequer Receipts: November 2011

Time to catch up with that data on Exchequer receipts for November - the critical month that makes or breaks Government budgets.

Income tax receipts: these are down to €12,709mln in 11 months of 2011, or -€272mln to target (-2.1%) but an impressive 22.5% above same period 2010 levels.

Sounds like tax policies of the past bearing fruit? Not really. Income tax rose €2,336 on 2010 in absolute terms, but at least €1,850mln of this is due to Health Levy reclassification as USC and aggregation into income tax receipts. Yes, folks, for all income tax increases in years past, the Exchequer netted less than €500mln in new revenues this year, or to be slightly more precise - an uplift not of claimed 22.5% (DofF maths), but of closer to just below 4.7%. The picture below looks good, but in reality, Income tax revenues are running below 2008 and 2009 levels, still, once Health Levy is factored in.

More ominously, the under-€500mln lead this year is based on the annual rate of Health Levy pay-in for 2010 spread evenly over all months. Of course, it probably was also peaking at around November, as usual seasonality in returns applied to it as well as to other income-related measures. Which means that it is quite possible that the annual rate of income tax increases will be even lower, once we see December figures than 4.7% figure suggests.

Let's recall that these figures come on top of shrinking workforce and rising unemployment and you get the picture - people at work are not getting anywhere, with their taxes rising dramatically in recent years, but Government revenue is not recovering either.

When it comes to VAT (second largest source of state revenues), the numbers are abysmal. November 2011 revenue is at €9,550mln or €464mln off target and 3.3% below 2010 figure (-€464mln). VAT receipts are 7.9% below those for the same period of 2009. Chart below shows what happens

Corporation tax receipts - the reflection of our booming exporting economy came in at €3,510mln or €236mln behind target and 4.3% or -€158mln down on 2010. Compared to 2009 these are now off 6.43% or -€241mln. Fourth straight year of decline.

Excise tax, the third largest category, is upo a whooping €15mln on target to €4,130mln, year on year the uplift is €39mln or 0.9%. And there was an even greater uplift in Stamps - up €442mln o  target to €1,297mln and up 51.6% year on year. Except, of course, that uplift is accounted for by the hit-and-run pension levy. Net of the pension levy, Stamps are actually down 1.75% yoy.

So total tax receipts are:

  • Down €520mln on target (-1.6%) but officially up 7.9% (+€2,325mln) yoy
  • Up just €18mln year on year once we net out Pension & Health Levies.
  • Down on target in 3 out of top 4 tax headings and 
  • Down on target in 5 out of 8 headings

Meanwhile, rosy forecasts continue to flow from the DofF which projects that 2012 total tax revenue will rise 4.13% (see here)... pass that funny gas mask, doc.

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