Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/2011: Are debt repayments to be blamed for growth collapse?

Some of the paper have clearly reached a bizarre level of Keynesian paranoia. Behold one example - The Guardian today (link here) screaming "Debt repayment is driving the EU back to recession".

While I agree with the idea that EU (more like the Euro zone to be accurate - do note that, folks from the Guardian) is heading into another recession, I highly doubt the cause of this is 'debt repayment' (note that the tense suggests that it is currently ongoing repayment) fault. Here's why:

Table above, taken from the IMF WEO September 2011 database clearly shows that not a single euro area member state is currently repaying its debts.

And in fact, as the table below details, NOT A SINGLE euro area state will be repaying any of its debts until the earliest 2014, when Greece is expected to start paydowns on its debts (under very rosy assumptions, of course):

Interestingly, IMF expects that in 2015 and 2016 overall debt levels will continue rising in ALL member states except for Greece.

So, run by me again that headline from the Guardian?

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