Thursday, July 3, 2014

2/7/2014: Irish PMIs Q2 2014: Services, Manufacturing, Construction & Composite Index

In two previous posts I covered Services PMI (here) and Manufacturing PMI (here) for Ireland for June 2014.  June data provides us also with Q2 average levels of activity as measured by PMIs, so let's cover this here.

Q2 2014 Manufacturing PMI averages came in at 55.5, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of readings above 50.0. Q1 2014 Manufacturing PMI averaged at 53.7. Q2 2014 average is now the highest of any quarter since Q1 2011.

All of this indicates that Industry contribution ex-Construction to the GDP should posting growth over H1 2014. And this is good news.

Services Q2 2014 PMI came in at 62.1 - rapid pace of growth - up on 59.9 in Q1 2014 and significantly up on 54.3 in Q2 2013. Again, these are strong indicators of growth in the sector in H1 2014 

And this growth accelerated in Q2 compared to Q1: in Q1 2014 y/y expansion in Services PMI was 10.4% and in Q2 2014 it rose to 14.4%, also in Q1 2014 Manufacturing PMI rose 7.2% y/y and in Q2 this rate of growth was 12.4%.

Finally, Construction PMI (we have these with one month lag, so Q2 figures are based on April-May averages, firmed up substantially, reading 61.9 in Q2 2014 compared to 57.6 in Q1 2014 and 42.4 in Q2 2013. Year on year rates of growth a massive: 28.8% in Q1 2014 and 45.8% in Q2 2014.

All in, the data for Q1 appears to be in line with growth registered in QNA realised today (more of this later) and Q2 is encouraging in so far as it shows acceleration in growth on Q1.

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