Thursday, July 17, 2014

17/7/2014: Irish Bilateral Trade in Goods with Russia & Ukraine

A journalist just requested from me some trade stats on Russian and Ukrainian trade with Ireland, so here is a summary table and a chart:

The table above shows irish exports to Russia by category. For comparison, Ukraine:

And totals for 2012-2013 full year:

Russia dwarfs Ukraine as trading partner for Ireland by:

  • Exports - 2012-2013 average levels of goods exports to Russia is at EUR620 million against those to Ukraine at EUR62.2 million.
  • Trade balance: average 2012-2013 goods trade balance wit Russia is at +EUR151.5 million surplus against deficit of -EUR16 million for Ukraine.
  • In trade flows for the first four months of 2014
  • Indigenous exports component of our trade: approximately 40-42% of our trade with Russia related to indigenous sectors of the economy, as opposed to near zero for our exports to Ukraine.

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