Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1/7/2014: Russia Manufacturing PMI: June 2014

Russia's Manufacturing PMI (released by Markit and HSBC, full release here) showed that contraction in Manufacturing moderated to 49.1 in June 2014, compared to 48.9 in May 2014 - a move that is statistically not significant. The index remains below 50.0, although in the range where deviation from 50.0 is also not statistically significant, signalling continued mild contraction/stagnation in Russian manufacturing.

This marks 8th consecutive month of sub-50 readings and over the last 12 months there was only one month with a reading above 50.0 (back in October 2013). While geopolitical crisis in Ukraine is weighing on Russian economy, the decline in performance set on around May-July 2013, well before the instability in Ukraine manifested itself.

3mo MA through June is now at 48.8, which is marginally slower rate of contraction than signalled by the 3mo MA through March (48.3) and is substantially worse than 3mo MA of 50.9 recorded in April-June 2013.

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