Monday, July 14, 2014

14/7/2014: Irish Banks are Open for Lending... when no one is looking?

Remember all the Irish banks advertorials in the media about the lending easing they engaged in when it comes to SMEs? The story, as it is being told by the banks, is that our banking system is approving credit to SMEs and that the SMEs just don't apply or don't draw down the loans approved.

Here is IMF chart from today's Euro area survey on the reasons for adverse outcomes of loans applications:

So we have: Irish banks are refusing loans to SMEs at rates second only to Greece. And applications fall short of business expectations at a rate that exceeds that of Greece, so overall, tightness of credit supply to SMEs in Ireland is just as abad as it is in Greece, and worse than in any other 'peripheral' economy.

But never mind, real cost of capital is now back rising in Ireland, so we can expect some additions of grey bars to the above chart too...

All with the blessing of our policymakers who keep talking about higher and higher margins for the banks...

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