Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15/7/2014: Construction Sector PMI: Q2 2014

June PMI for Construction industry were out this week. Good discussion of some monthly data on this topic here.

Here are quarterly averages through Q2 2014:

  • Total Activity index is up 3.6 points to 61.2 in Q2 2014 compared to Q1 2014. The index is up significantly - by +18.8 points - on Q2 2013.
  • On average we have fourth consecutive quarter of growth in the sector activity and in three of these quarters, the index was statistically significantly above 50.0 expansion mark.
  • Based on these figures we are in a confirmed recovery in the sector and in Q2 2014 this accelerated substantially. Which is good news.
  • Housing Activity sub-index rose to 61.9 - marking rapid growth - and is now up 2.8 points on Q1 2014 and 17.1 points on Q2 2014. Again, we are into fourth consecutive quarter of above 50 readings and, as above, this is the third consecutive quarter of statistically significant readings above 50.0.
  • Commercial Activity sub-index rose to 61.5, up 2.8 points on Q1 2014 and 20 points on Q2 2013. Same dynamics over the last four quarters as in the case of the Total Activity index and Housing Activity sub-index.
  • Civil Engineering index is a drag on overall growth picture, averaging 44.9 over the Q2 2014, up 4.2 points on Q1 2014 and up 12.1 points on Q2 2013, but still below the 50.0 line. This is expected, as the Government continues to destroy public investment at an alarming rate.
Chart to illustrate:

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