Thursday, January 5, 2012

5/1/2012: 2012 Debt redemptions - select euro area countries

A very revealing summary of 2012 bond redemptions by country and month, courtesy of the (link here):

Cracking! While Germany won't have (most likely) any problem rolling €193.1 billion worth of paper other countries are in for a potentially (an highly likely) bumpy rides for France at €289.9 billion, Italy at €337.1 billion, Spain at €147.9 billion and GPI at combined €79.2 billion. This year won't be the real test for Ireland, however, with just €5.6 billion of paper coming up for refinancing, but it will be a testing year for PIIGS in general with €564.2 billion worth of sovereign debt to be rolled.

And here's the data for scheduled rollovers relative to country GDP as projected by the IMF:
This can easily get ugly.

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