Saturday, January 28, 2012

28/1/2012: Eurocoin for January 2012

The latest leading indicator for euro area growth -Eurocoin - for January continues to signal recessionary dynamics, albeit at moderating rates of decline.

January Eurocoin rose to -0.14 from -0.20 in December 2011. Here are some charts:

Eurocoin is now in the negative territory for four consecutive months. 3mo MA is at -0.18, 6mo MA at -0.07, crossing into negative for the first time since the last recession. In January 2011 the indicator stood at +0.48. Quarterly rate of growth is now at -0.17 implying annualized contraction of -0.56%.

There is now, due to persistent negative reading, more consistency in eurocoin and ECB repo rate, but inflation-growth remain unbalanced when it comes to applying Taylor rule to ECB rate policy.

All in, the rates decision based on the leading indicator performance should be to stay put and await more significant moderation on inflation side. Mild bout of inflationary recession is still on the cards for the euro area for Q1.

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