Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4/1/2012: EU Commission new logo

In the Really-Really-Really Important News of the Day: the EU Commission has a new logo... ahem... yes, a NEW LOGO:

Notice the two distinct sets of correlated lines - one set ascending, another descending, separated by a clear space with no sign of continuity between the two sets, presumably to summarize the emerging dis-Union of those states that are set to grow in the future, from those that are set to contract. Also note the 'growth' group dynamic is shallower than the dynamic of decline in the 'drop-outs' group.

There is also a semiotically potentially revealing positioning of the flag and the banner - off centre, more into the growth set of lines, possibly suggesting that the EU is now becoming more of a 'growth club' or alternatively 'de hell with dem slower periphery states' club?

So how about a new tag line: EU - a Union for Disunity?

Disclaimer: I am obviously take a proverbial p***ss, but., as Russians say - every joke contains at least a grain of reality...


Anonymous said...

Actually more telling is the postion of the EC banner from a buoyancy perspective.


Jack Costello said...

If you like that then you'll love the ECB's new 2 euro commemoraitve coins.

As Bear Grylls would tell you, the Europeans depicted in this new design are clearly all making the international distress signal - a large 'Y', as in 'Yes, please rescue us from this Godawful mess of a currency'.