Thursday, January 19, 2012

19/01/2012: One Question, please...

In the spirit of asking our Troika overlords questions around the time of their serial reviews of Ireland's Programme, here's mine:
"Given that since the previous review, Irish economy has posted

  1. A full quarter of GDP & GNP contraction
  2. Missed targets on fiscal side covered up by vague reforms papers publications and capital spending cuts, plus 'temporary' tax measures
  3. Rampant tax increases & state costs rises, covered up by deflation in the private sector economy
  4. Stuck sky-high unemployment, with massive contractions in labour force and emigration
  5. Another botched 'austerity' budget with hope-for revenue measures substituted for reforms of spending
  6. Repayment of billions in bust banks bonds
  7. Continued lack of recovery in its banking sector
What part of (1)-(7) above constitutes 'successful completion' of the review?"

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